Christmas Elf ‘n’Safety – A timely reminder

It might seem obvious, but simple precautions sometimes are forgotten in the busy Christmas period:

Don’t let decorations obstruct smoke or heat detectors.

Don’t obstruct safety signage.

Check last year’s Christmas lights before using them again. Check that the plug and transformer are not damaged. Don’t forget to switch lights off when the workplace is empty.

Restrict electrical cables and extensions as far as possible. Tape wires to the floor or use cable protectors, or run them along walls.

If you want external lighting make sure that cables and connectors are in good condition, appropriate for external use and out of harm’s way.

Step ladders can be used to hang decorations, just make sure they are fit for purpose and secure. Don’t over reach when hanging the decorations or lights – move the steps closer.

Where there are motion sensitive security detectors be aware that some decorations will move in the air currents created by heating and ventilation systems. Many a late night or early morning false alarm has been down to moving decorations hanging from the office ceiling.

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