London Association of Funeral Directors

The London Association of Funeral Directors (“LAFD”) is an area association of the National Association of Funeral Directors (“NAFD”), the pre-eminent trade association in the UK for the funeral profession representing over 80% of all funeral directors in the country. For more information on NAFD see the website at

Two district societies are linked to the London Association: Southern and Western. Each District has a Chairman, supported by a committee.
Regular meetings are held  to enable those employed by member firms, and others linked to the profession, to meet and learn more about topics of mutual interest. See Southern District and Western District.

Educational events are provided for staff of member firms and others linked to the profession. See our Education page.

A schedule of forthcoming events is available. See the Calendar.

Matthew Barber LAFD President 2017-8

Matthew BarberLAFD President 2017-8

  • LAFD represents businesses in London and the home counties with about 500 branches.
  • Membership of LAFD is automatically granted to members of NAFD within London, Surrey and some adjoining areas. Other members of NAFD in proximity to London may apply for membership at no extra cost.
  • LAFD is governed by an Executive Committee led by the President.
  • The President, other officers and members of the Executive Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting held each April. A half yearly General Meeting is held in the Autumn.
  • Sub Committees of the Executive Committee are appointed to oversee day-to-day activity in their particular field.
  • The main social event each year is the Annual Banquet and Ball held at a central London hotel.


Banquet and Ball

Banquet and Ball

Further information on LAFD can be obtained from the secretary at or you can follow us on twitter @lafd_uk


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